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Frequently Asked Questions

Why/How Are Signals Free?

We partner directly with brokers and take a small percentage of spread (the fees your broker already charges you to trade). By doing this, we are able to take a small commission of all trades placed without ever increasing your trading fees or charging you directly.

Can I Use A Broker That Is Not Listed?

Yes, please contact us through the support messenger on the bottom left of the web platform. We will work with your broker to setup a partnership agreement. If that is not possible, we will still host your account for a small monthly fee.

Can I choose which signal is active on my account?

Our system will automatically select a signal based on signal history, account equity, and other factors such as margin, leverage and more. If you see another signal that you would like to run on your account, you can select it through your dashboard.

Do you have access to my account?

After you link your account with our trading software, we will only have access to place and close trades on your account. We will only close trades that were placed by our system. We never have access to withdraw from or deposit funds into your account.